Our promise:

You will be treated with respect and confidentiality, emphasizing that you are OK within.

Change is of course inevitable, so we believe that you will, with positive intention, make the best choices towards your mission, and that you have the resources within you to succeed in your projects.

Advantace offers a safety zone of self-respect, positive mindset and progress; it is the home of encouragement, enthusiasm and finding passion and energy to achieve SMARRT goals.

The Teal Consciousness principles - from ‘Reinventing organizations’ (2014)

Teal is an emerging new way to work, by Frederic Laloux
Reinventing Organizations

Life as a Journey together

Teal principle #1
View life as a journey of unfolding instead of being stuck with pre-planned goals

Internal yardsticks

Teal principle #2
Define internal yardsticks to grow into true nature and work toward your calling

Ethical Life

Teal principle #3
A life well-lived breeds success, profit etc., not vice versa

Focus on Strengths

Teal principle #4
Focus on strengths, not on failures and what‘s wrong

Everyone has value and can learn

Teal principle #5
There are no mistakes, only opportunities to learn

A Place for Wisdom

Teal principle #6
Wisdom has value beyond rationality
Both-and’ thinking instead of dualistic ‘either-or’


Teal principle #7
• Integrating mind-body-soul
• Be true to yourself
• Striving for wholeness with Self, others, life, nature


Improving Clarity Requires:

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Relax with your own capabilities.

You cannot be everything to everybody, and knowing your boundaries, when to protect and when to risk your precious time, is critical for an abundant life. Our coaching emphasizes that you can only control what is within your own skin and thought. Everything else is about influence and inspiration.

You are a leader, but you may shy away from the role at times. That is natural. Take ownership of your importance to the organization, but also to your family and friends.

We provide a safe and supportive environment that produces on-going mutual respect and trust. Advantace uses simple yet powerful tools such as backtracking. Backtracking allows for understanding of new information, while offering you greater awareness of your thinking process.

Do you remember the important concept of Management By Wandering Around? Without observing the people you are leading, you will be walking in the dark. What scientist would not take samples to ensure quality? Advantace recommends Clarity By Being Observant, especially regarding those who will action your key immediate delegations.

Advantace goes way beyond just hearing what people are saying; it stretches into syntax, tone of voice, and body language. Advantace seeks to view the world through your  perspective, to understand the meaning of what you say in the context of your values and goals. Such active listening is an incredibly important step towards better communication skills.

Advantace uses open-ended questions to evoke discovery, insight, commitment and action that moves clients forward. Open-ended questioning is a simple concept that shifts conversations from plain and boring to expansive and thought provoking.

Open the door to a new, extremely powerful kind of goal setting. Advantace is outcome orientated, always evaluating if you are on track and taking action to reach your goal. We use S.M.A.R.R.T (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, relevant and timely) goal setting to ensure total understanding and accountability.

We systematically explore specific concerns and opportunities that are central to the client’s agreed goals. As a Client, you will be led to prioritize issues and guided through difficult decisions. We empower our clients to identify positive action on their own. Mastery of designing actions opens a whole new dimension in the way you create long-term success.

We aim for long-term positive change. We use precise time management tools to promote your own self-discipline and hold you accountable for the results of intended actions. Changing attitudes and behavior to reach agreed goals is significantly easier when accountability is present.