Einstein proved a relationship between energy, matter and time. (E=MC2)  In the realm of time, Energy is the tension that holds the equation together, outside of time, Energy just IS..   Science now is based on the premises of relativity. The thing is, if there is no matter, then time does not exist, but energy can create matter and time, just like an atomic reaction can create energy out ofmatter….

Outside of time, there is no way to define matter, just like it is impossible to create music without time, even if you know the notes.

I believe Love is the eternal indestructible energy that defines matter and time. Love Energy is a way of understanding the essence of the universe, of what is…..  In the realm of time, Love is the tension that holds the equation together, outside of time, Love just IS..

In order not to confuse the universally over-used term “God” with my definition of a specific being of Love Energy, I opt to use the word “Intention” as Dr Wayne Dyer does in his book (recommended) “The Power of Intention”.

My transcendent love-energy or love-spirit is non-person, and hence non-gender.

Before any beginning there was Intention, and after any ending there will be Intention.

Intention is love, so everything loving is an expression of  Intention and anything that does not love cannot come from Intention.

Conversely every person who is capable of love must have the presence of Intention to shine that love.

Just as to have an electric heater give warmth it needs to be connected to the electricity. I see GodIsLove as the total electric-love grid of the universe.

I believe every human has the presence of Intention connected within. If you have watched science fiction or fantasy movies, there is a good chance that you will have seen an image of a gem or a pearl or a crystal which is glowing with some inner light. This is the image I want you to picture. It is the analogy of the Diamond Mine Diamond Mine, the Diamond that is mine within, the Diamond that you need to mine to uncover, the Diamond that is hard with reality, but soft with the beauty of reflected love light.

The precious diamond within you, glows with the presence of Intention, not just light, but love light.

It is from that source that we mine the energy, the resource, the electricity, to love.

If you would like to know more about the energy of love, please look inside my book UILE. (Universal Intentional Love Energy)