In this attached video the Advantace Coaching Cycle is explained.

This is a training video which explains the Advantace coaching cycle.

Coaching provides focus on achieving specific outcomes and deliverables by specific actions.

Once these actions are achieved it results in a positive encouragement to move forward towards the next rotation of the wheel of progress.




Inside you are very, very complex societies of thought that affect your decisions regarding how you define meaning, set goals, live, and thrive in abundance?

One proven process for consistent success is to pattern success into your subconscious. Let’s consider an analogy of the wheel of life.

Let’s say your future is moving forward clockwise as in this diagram:

Any wheel needs a strategy to move it clockwise through time.
The coaching wheel is structured to do this using the following spokes of strategy:


1. ASSESS Be clear about who you are, what you believe, why and where you want change to occur. Determine your bliss, your passion and where you find fulfilment. I use an art based approach called the connectivitree to help you map out your deep desires.
2. OFFER Within that framework, what are your unique skills and services that you can offer to give back to the world? In this new internet age it is service that will enable you to differentiate yourself.
3. MAP Work out all the parameters that treasure map your mission in life based on your clear self-belief. It may be removing a known alligator from a personal swamp, or a set of creative goals.
4. PLAN achievable steps towards the first step on that map, making the steps clear with what is being delivered, and when.
5. STEPS Next there is the issue of scheduling, which in this context means working out individual times and dates for everything that needs to happen for each step. Eg If my step is to build a website I need a schedule to buy a domain, hire a web host, decide on a toolset, get trained, collect and assemble what I want to say, and publish it.
6. REPORT Who do I report to? This is a huge issue that is core to coaching practice. You need someone to celebrate with, to hold you accountable, and to get you past blockages. That is one aspect of my coaching role. Goodbye procrastination and excuses, hello reality and progress. OK so how does this actually happen? Well you are the one who wants to move forward, not the coach, all the coach does is hold up the carrot of hope in front of you to get you started when you are tired, or distracted.
Coaching does not use a stick. That’s because threats don’t work as effectively as your own inner desire for wholeness and progress!
7. REVIEW This is an important part of the cycle of progress, to consider the learnings that have resulted in your progress to this point. The energy you get from achieving progress will be a big incentive to the next cycle of the wheel of progress.

Truly, in today’s world you have the opportunity to align your everyday moments with your most awesome self, and live a life of wonder and adventure.
SUMMARIZING: you need to know where you are and where you want to go (Assess). Then, you need to consider what goals are most important to you right now (Heart-storming). Once you choose your course from your brainstorming, (Map) you have to nail down the details (Plan) and schedule them (Steps). At this point, you need to start working your plan and taking the actions you’ve laid out. It’s essential to have a source of encouragement and drive to keep you moving forward as you act. (Report). At each milestone you’ll benefit by measuring your progress to determine if you are on course or not, (Review) and then re-assess accordingly.

Move forward using the Advantace Coaching Cycle today!