Last week a friend asked me if I had taken the mRNA Covid-19 vaccine.

My verbal response was “That is personal medical information” to which he replied “Oh so you haven’t taken it!”

Before I explain why this conversation is so messed up, let me point out that I am not an “anti-vaxxer”, and my background includes experience working in hospital infection control research, statistics, philosophy, social interaction and systems analysis. Also the evidence presented here is from an internationally recognized developer of Covid-19 vaccines, a professor from my old alma mater, Flinders University in South Australia.

Perhaps firstly I should explain my emotional reaction to the question.

Since when has it been appropriate to ask someone about their medical information that only a doctor should know? Never, and is still not. It also flies in the face of the UN bill of rights.

So my immediate reaction was to ask a response question to my friend, if he is taking meds for an STD. After all, more than one million people a day transmit Sexually Transmitted Diseases. If he had responded “that’s none of your business” I could then have replied, “Oh so you are taking them” inferring that he is infected with an STD.

However I stopped myself from that reaction, because it reflected anger and was only reflecting and copying his inappropriate response. I decided to think about it more, and this is what I have come up with.

1 Fear does nothing but distance people in a bad way.

Society in 2021 has taken on pandemic fear and created a social class based on ignorance. I have heard someone say “we should just take those anti-vaxxers and shoot them”. Why would someone suggest murder of a person because they exercised their rights to not be injected? Fear that such a person would spread the virus?

But it is not just those who feel that they have the right to kill or imprison someone for not taking an injection. The government of the two nations I am a citizen of (Canada and Australia) have created a two tier society based on this fear, by introducing vaccine “passports”. Those without a passport have less rights and privileges.

The Lockdowns are unjustified in terms of net social health.

I won’t write about this in detail, but if you doubt that the lockdowns should never have happened, watch this two hour video that contains all the major reasons why Oxford, Standford, and other universities studied the alternatives and recommended in 2020 that lockdowns do more harm than good.

In this wide-ranging interview, Dr. Bhattacharya takes us through how the whole COVID-19 issue started, how it spread throughout the world, the efficacy of lockdowns, the development and distribution of the vaccines, and the rise of the Delta variant. He delves into what we got right, what we got wrong, and what we got really wrong.

2 The mRNA COVID-19 vaccines do not stop the spread of COVID.

In fact, the research done on the transmission of the man-made disease is that the vaccines primarily have an effect on the individual who takes them, for a period of about 4 months, after which you have to rely on your own immune system or take a booster shot. If you are exposed to a variant, the vaccine is not able to reduce your risk, which is why DELTA and other variants continue to spread irrespective of the vaccine.

However even if you are exposed to the original COVID for which the vaccine reduces individual risk, the ability to spread the non-living virus is nearly the same as if you had not taken the vaccine, and certainly less than a person who has natural immunity (been exposed and has an auto-immune response).

COVID is not going to go away. Over time everyone will be exposed to COVID, and adapt accordingly. The argument for a vaccine was never that it would stop COVID, but that it would assist in “lowering the curve” to allow medical staff to cope with the infection rates. This happened to a certain extent, but that argument no longer applies. Your safety depends on your ability to resist COVID and its variants, and such natural immunity will become the norm over time.

However people who have had COVID are still expected to take the vaccine? Why?

The logic in saying that you are safe from COVID by taking an mRNA vaccine is flawed. If you have symptoms you can still transmit the virus. You can still get the virus. If it has been over 4 months since you had the vaccine you have little remaining vaccine protection.

Still I wear a face mask and keep distance in order to comply with the rules. Why is that not the same for taking a vaccine? Why not take the shot, or the boosters to come?

The mRNA vaccines and boosters are claimed to be safe, but are they?

Typical non-mRNA vaccines have an adverse event rate of less that 1/million. Such a rate is what was considered safe, and as there will always be risk in administering vaccines, that low rate seems justifiable to me.

The VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) in the USA, from December 14, 2020, through November 1, 2021 reported 9,367 reports of death from people who received a COVID-19 vaccine.

The population of the USA is 329 million of which 58% (191 million) are vaccinated.

To be “safe” previously, a vaccine would have reported less than 191 events per year for a population of 191 million vaccinated. ( a rate of less than 1/million)

Compare that to the 9367 DEATHS reported during that period. That is a rate of 49 deaths per million! Not just adverse events, deaths!

But it is much worse than that. The number of adverse events in VAERS for 2021 as of today (4th November 2021) is 672,840. And VAERS is difficult to enter the data, so it is accepted that the rates of adverse events are actually higher than this! An adverse event rate of 3,522 adverse events per million is not low, as Big Pharma had claimed!


If the rate of deaths in any other industry jumped from 1 to 10,000, the industry would be shut down. One of the vaccine suppliers was pulled out, but the others remain. No mRNA vaccine is safe.

Or to put it another way, there has been serious manipulation of safety data!

Previous vaccines have been pulled off the market after one death per million. [1]

The following chart of the history of VAERS reported deaths (not updated, the spike is now nearly doubled) shows how significant the increase has been with mRNA vaccines:

Yet the CDC has a statement on its website that mRNA vaccines are safe!

Tell that to this patient (reported on VAERS)

“Patient required hospitalization due to breakthrough infection. Patient received Pfizer vaccine (2nd dose in series) on xx/2021. CPR performed. No  Subsequent spontaneous movements were present. There was no response to verbal or tactile stimuli. Pupils were dilated and fixed. No breath sounds were appreciated over either lung field. No carotid pulses or peripheral pulses were palpable. No heart sounds were auscultated over entire precordium. Patient pronounced dead at 5:16 AM.  Family was notified and condolences were offered.”

It is not just the USA.

COVID-19 vaccines administered in Ontario, Canada had a reporting rate of 64.6 adverse events per 100,000 doses administered (646 times above 1 per million)

Oct 6 2021 European Medicines Agency (EMA) reported safety data for each of the COVID-19 vaccines Authorized for use in the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA).

  • (Pfizer – BioNTech): 420 million doses administered; 361,767 side effect cases reported. (861 times above 1 per million)
  • (AstraZeneca AB): 68.7 million doses administered; 199,999 side effect cases reported. (2,941 times above 1 per million)
  • (Moderna Biotech Spain, S.L.): 59.8 million doses administered; 80,486 side effect cases reported. (1341 times above 1 per million)
  • (Janssen-Cilag International NV): 14.3 million doses administered; 23,455 side effect cases reported.

All of these rates are higher than previously would have been accepted.

[1] RotaShield, for rotavirus infection, was the only vaccine withdrawn for safety and was recalled less than a year after marketing approval, based on safety signals identified from VAERS reports. From AMJC paper

3 Alarming Issues for social interaction

So here is the reason for alarm.

Western governments, including the UK, USA Canada and Australian, have created the following elements:

1 Mandated an unsafe procedure that puts lives at risk. (A mandate is not law, but the social expectation is that you “have to” or will be punished by restrictions or loss of employment)

2 Created a “passport” or mark that people who are vaccinated are “approved” as better citizens.

3 Endorsed and advertised this false narrative as if the vaccinated are “protecting the population” through taking the vaccine. (This is not true, though there is justification for high risk individuals to take the vaccine – those who are overweight, over 80 and have co-morbidities fit that profile – and account for over 90% of COVID deaths)

Let’s relate these current events to something that happened in Germany a century ago:

1 Certain people (gypsies, Jews etc) were “marked” by information and symbols[1] as being “less than” the Nazi government’s definition of “Approved”

2 A false narrative was promoted to society that the government was “protecting the population” by isolating these people because they would “infect” the rest of German society.

3 They mandated that these people should be cleansed (the official policy was “redemption by work”) and that they could be enslaved. At the start this was not law, just a mandate. The loss of human status meant that later these same people in concentration camps were murdered.

This was the “holocaust” genocide. Don’t push it away as different to now, because the seed elements are the same. The verbal distancing and threats are already present. Even the implications of asking “have you had your shot or booster?” goes over the line into territory that is judgmental, against our charter of rights, and just plain rude.

If you distance people at any time by defining them as “less than” you create a social distance that entitles those who are “pure” to look down on those who are not. This is ethically wrong and against the UN charter of human rights.

The next step is to isolate and remove privileges. That is already happening. More is threatened.

An unvaccinated person cannot attend a restaurant or a hockey game here in Canada. However the COVID deaths continue to climb in countries like Israel where forced vaccination has resulted in vaccination rates well over 90%.

Now our societies face ongoing “boosters” to address the issues that are covered by natural immunity.

The “real” social distancing from COVID?

It is not standing 6 feet apart from other people.

It is standing above other people, thinking you are better or safer or somehow more “pure” because you took a risky chance to remove your fear in order to get back to “normal”.

That’s not going to happen. The flu is still here, and COVID is going to be part of our future.

The big question is, do you intend to run the risks of ongoing mRNA vaccine “boosters” in the years to come? Every time you do, you face the same risk of death and adverse event. Over and over again.

Your call.

NB, Fortunately there are other non-mRNA vaccines which are showing all the signs of low adverse event rates in their trials. E.g. Novavax in Canada, Covax-19 or Spikogen from Australia and now available in Iran.

Rather than thinking that people who are unvaccinated haven’t done their research, instead let’s pull together to find a safe way forward.


[1] The Jews in Germany after “Kristalnacht” were forced to wear a star on their clothing to identify them.

Resources for the above:

Professor Nikolai Petrovsky is the Director of Endocrinology (Flinders Medical Centre), Professor of Medicine (Flinders University), Vice President of the International Immunomics Society, Founder of Vaxine and the creator of COVAX-19 and Spikogen.

As a vaccine creator, Professor Petrovsky is very vocal on his LinkedIn account against the mandating of vaccines, as it has no scientific justification.

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