I Built A Wall

A month ago I was walking in the park when I got a whole stream of information about walls and the current misuse of them in the USA to separate people for reasons of power and ego. The purpose of walls is to stop something from coming in or going out. Sometimes that is [...]

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I am part of being optimistic! OptimMmystix, the new Philosofree/Optimysts album was released in 2016! Together with Mirian, a 27 year old soul singer, and Sam Shark, a 50 year old Egyptian band leader and master guitarist Philosofree formed the Optimysts and created this intriguing innovative album at Iguana Studios. Reviews can be found here… As [...]

Standing up and Singing!

“Concerto #1” By Philosofree Recently, at De Sotos café, where I sing and play guitar on Thursday evenings, it was a special night because my darling Manu joined me to sing “California Dreaming” for the first time! During the night a message came to me, and I would like you to [...]

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I Sure Remember Coming Home

Play song “I sure Remember Coming Home” When my son died age 20, some people asked after a year or so, “Have you gotten over it yet?” Well, no, I have not, even though eight years have passed. Losing a child or any special loved one is not something [...]

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Sticks and Stones

Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words will break our hearts. Robert FulghamIn 2004 I wrote on the subject of abuse. (aka Misuse, insult, malign, deceive, harm – A very touchy subject when you look at it closely.) Whenever I am anything other than loving towards a person – including when I find myself [...]

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Adilio and Zouk

I love dancing. I am a fan of zouk, a new latino dance that is sweeping the world. Last week I was fortunate to meet Adilio Porto, the Brazilian choreographer and dancer who created zouk. This music piece I composed and played in a Zouk style! Enjoy! On Saturday night, for [...]

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Energy 2 U

“Energy2” by Philosofree Today I came home from yoga feeling light. I mean my body felt lighter and more flexible than when I started! I found that the tightness of my muscles was actually restricting me, my strength was stiffening me, and I needed to stretch. My energy was locked [...]

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The Only One that I can Change is Me

This is a sample of a track from the 2003 album “The Australian Dream” I like the quote from Ghandi, “Be the change you want in the world” and I wrote this song to reflect that. During recording the words changed a little from the original, the lyrics were: The [...]

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