I am part of being optimistic!

OptimMmystix, the new Philosofree/Optimysts album was released in 2016!

Together with Mirian, a 27 year old soul singer, and Sam Shark, a 50 year old Egyptian band leader and master guitarist Philosofree formed the Optimysts and created this intriguing innovative album at Iguana Studios.

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As the song writer for this album I would like to explain a little about what is behind the upbeat tracks.

Firstly, there is no repetition in style. Optimism and boring do not mix, because there is always an element of the new in the eyes of hope. The title track, Optimistic, reflects that, with some pre-teens singing one of the choruses “To hope is just realistic; we can do better than survive, we can thrive “

So each track varies from the soaring vocals of Mirian in “Soul Doubt” to the gravelly bass vocals of Philosofree in “Nothing Is Stopping Me”.

In Soul Doubt the request is to “Hold on to soul doubt, (it’s what hope’s about),
don’t be sold out; have faith in your worth! “

On the other hand, the catchy Judgmental Blues is about letting go of judgment. “don’t allow opinion, to change into dominion of your dreams to be the best you can be ; just keep right on growing, questioning more than knowing; and don’t let judgement take away your liberty “

That track is a contrast to the more country based tracks, Arms of Love and Zirconium Band. Arms of Love is a statement, while Zirconium Band is a story about life after loss. Both investigate the positive from quite different circumstances. Speaking of positive, Gratitude expresses appreciation for the many things it is so easy to forget in the daily grind.

“Best of all, I got friends who care ; We’ve got love we share, (you have a sexy aptitude)
I’ve got self respect, and I love me too, that’s the base of an attitude of gratitude. “

Then there are the rock songs, such as You Are My Inspiration;

“I love your body moving, I follow every step you make
I love your body breathing, I thrill with every breath you take.”


Another rock song says; “Afloat on red water, purple clouds in the sky,
Lightnin’ strikes where it hit before, and all that you can do is sigh? “

Then the album moves into aromatherapy, with the track Fragrances:

“Fragrances I’m grateful for, the taste of who you are
peppermint of kindness, chamomile of care,
patchouli of your laughter, beauty of foxglove,
the marjoram of energy, aroma of your love.”

Plasticup, one of the most positive tracks, also has an anthem quality that matches its Irish bodhran drums, and summarizes the whole album:

“We, will, never give up, catch all our dreams, put them in a plasticup;
When, we, need lifting up, just take a sip, you can taste the sweet in it “

As a subscriber to this blog you can listen to all the album tracks, (not short samples, the whole track) without cost, obligation or risk on philosofree.bandcamp.com or http://optimysts.bandcamp.com – the lyrics are all available there as well!