The English language is rich in vocabulary, yet there are still words which can easily confuse when used, because they have multiple meanings. The spoken word is even harder, with words like wait and weight sounding the same yet with different meanings entirely. Sometimes a dictionary explains the different meanings, sometimes dictionary definitions are even more confusing because they refer to words which themselves have multiple meanings!! Maybe we need more words and more specific words…

Even common words sometimes have different meanings, even when they are used a lot. Let’s look at “bored” for example. When a person says they are bored this can mean “Life is boring, there is nothing to do of interest, life has no meaning”, or it can mean “The repetition of what I am doing does not challenge me, I am excited to be challenged to do something else”. It is so easy to assess one when the other is meant, and the challenge I face is to take the positive view first, to treat people’s words in the most constructive way.

Some other commonly used examples are fear, care, trust and soul. How can we communicate clearly with such important words when they can convey quite different intent? There is a good argument for setting up an “Institute of Clarity Via New Vocabulary” (ICVNV)-  a place where such words are broken down to their constituent meanings and specific and fun new clear words are spun off.

ICVNV examples J :

Fear: Constrained meaning to be when there is a physical or environmental threat to health or safety.

Fearanx: The anxiety one feels when there is no Fear (as above) but one’s ego proposes possibilities or remembers histories which are negative. This is totally inside and yet the reaction can be as severe as if it was real Fear…. The biggest Fearanx is probably that you are not, or will not be loved. Fearanx is an antithesis of love, and its presence is a good predictor of evil, because Fearanx distances a person from their SelfSoul and Spirit-Soul. (see below)

Care: Constrained meaning to be the attitude of support and helpfulness directed towards a person but not expecting care back.

PetCare: Looking after and treating a pet well. Hence also TreeCare, WombatCare, etc J

SelfCare: not allowing Fearanx to take control of your life, retaining self respect, looking after your health, making space for meaning and love.

BarterCare: Looking after a person but knowing that it is expected that when the wheel turns you will get the same care back.

Trust: Constrained meaning – a belief that a person fits a specific reliability criterion – e.g. this person can be trusted to take out the trash tonight, but not my daughter!

MythTrust: The concept that any person can be trusted completely to fit your own expectations!

BustTrust: an expectation that someone will do or act as you hope, knowing that they will likely fail! This is confusing and a real source of Fearanx.

Soul: Constrained meaning – the concept of existence which is not limited to matter or a body.

Spirit-Soul: The infinite spirit of love into which everyone is invited.

SelfSoul: The soul spirit and observant self of an individual with SelfCare.

GhostSoul: A spirit soul which does not wish to rejoin GILSoul but hankers after a physical existence.

BodyAndSoul: A great tune! Haha

You get the idea, I think there is a lot of constructive fun to be had by looking at the creation of new words. Feel free to add your own ideas as comments…

The pasta resistance

A common trend is to amend
our ways away from over eating.
Especially a major debate
is all around our carbo-hydrate
consumption. An assumption
that we eat-a too much-a
pasta. ?

But there are those who oppose
this trend, the active friends
of the Pasta Resistance..